im 24!
do you think that when justin timberlake was 16 and in nsync, 24 year olds looked at him and wondered when he would hit puberty?

because this is how i feel about just beiber...

talk about things you dont understand, kthxbye!

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i hate being emo, but im super depressed right now! basically certain family members constantly feel the need to put me down and make me feel like im not good enough despite the fact that i try to please them! i dont know what to do with this living situation anymore,i feel like i need to move out of here ...it doesnt even feel like home anymore...


i wanna punch someone in the fucking face right now

dear you know who are....

thanks for being such a fucking cunt the past few days. thanks for asking me to do you a favor and then getting offended when i tell you the truth. thanks for acting like a huge bitch and not answering any of my texts after i tried to apologize to you. thanks for spending your saturday night most likely talking shit about me with your "best friend" who you often come over and tell me annoying things about.